For every woman + man on the planet.

Today is October 1

The Month for National Breast Cancer awareness.


do monthly check ups

have those mamograms done

the life you might save could be your own.

For men, breast cancer is rare, but still deadly.

Feel your boobies 💗

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a precise calculation.

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✬ T h e  l i g h t  o f  o t h e r  s t a r s.  
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Since I forgot to give Garrus his scars, let’s pretend this is an AU where instead of catching rockets with his face, Garrus has learned to accessorize.

Why yes, that is Shepard’s scarf from the Noveria picture!

Detail shots: [1] [2]

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I can’t remember anything without you

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (2004)

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I text back embarrassingly fast

or three hours later

there is no in between

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You do that, and then no one can guess what’s inside.

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A captive killer whale at MarineLand learned how to catch and eat seagulls by regurgitating fish to use as bait, and 4 others then learned to copy the behavior. Source

Really goes to show how intelligent these creatures are, as well as how even years of captivity doesn’t totally get rid of hunting instinct. :)

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B O O K  F O U R : B A L A N C E

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final fantasy t h i r t e e n;

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New artwork of Triss Merigold (x)

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